Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Singapore S T says that it is unclear whether Malaysian government could afford implementing unemployment insurance scheme for retrenched workers.

There are suspicious questions here:

Why did Lester Kong highlight these figures about Malaysian national debt? What is the objective?

Please compare with the figures: www.tradingeconomics.com/malaysia/gov-debt-2-gdp
S T S seems to bother by interviewing Singapore-based economist for BoA Merill Lynch to find out about the safety net for retrenched workers .  



Anonymous said...


Marilah kita semua menjadi manusia yang bertanggungjawab , jujur dan amanah .


Anonymous said...

beria ria benar singapork zionis zaman ini mencampuri urusan Tanah Melayu..fahamilah signal ini..pasti arahan dari zionis untuk perang propaganda untuk cuba menghancurkan keharmonian tanah melayu

Tukang Komen said...

Harap bloggers istihar perang terhadap straits times singapura.

1. Minta PDRM ambil tindakan tegas terhadap kesalahan lalulintas rakyat gila singapura yg masih belum menjelaskan saman.
2. Kuatkuasakan peraturan kenderaan singapura yg masuk ke Johor mesti tangki minyak penuh.

Fikir lagi apa yg patut kita desak kerajaan Malaysia beri tekanan kepada singapura straits times.

Sampai masa kita kurang ajar dengan mereka. Jangan bagi muka.

Anonymous said...

Menteri Dalam Negeri dan KPN kita tidorrrrr!!!zzzzzzzz......

Unknown said...

Singapore Socio-Capitalistic politic is different from Malaysia Monarcy politic. Building infrastructure takes a lot of investment. Sometimes it's more beneficial to borrow in the short term then burning all the assets.

Tun Teja said...

According to the F M M unemployment insurance scheme would bring up losses to even a small company. Therefore , the F M M suggested that the government should amend the law. Companies should pay retrenched workers prior to government and creditors, before the companies close down their business.

I think it is logic. A worker like Mr Amir who is mentioned on this article, if he is insured under unemployment scheme, at least he could set some compensation when he lost his job. As simple as that, but during his (Mr Amir) tenure, was his salary monthly being deducted for the Employment Scheme Fund? This is also an important issue that Lester Kong fails to elaborate in his article just to make sure that Malaysian government do care about the financial security of a worker like Mr Amir in his future retirement.

There is no need for Lester Kong to quote national debts per GDP. This is rather an intention to drive Malaysian politics in a bad light.

Singapore is doing that. Every employer now is directed to pay CPF for its employees, 15%, 20%,25 %, and some up to 35%. There are several schemes being introduced and implemented here to retrained an employee who is retrenched.
For example, as a teacher who is employed by the MOE. He or she would be notified every break-up of allowances, including deductions to certain organization on his or her choice. As for Malay-Muslim the teacher is compulsorily required to pay a minute percentage to MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Sg) monthly, which is non-refundable but tax relievable. Some % of his or her monthly salary is also will be deducted to CPF of Central Provident Fund for future retirement, house purchase, medical expenditure. This is just a basic information.

MAT13 said...

Ala Singapore ni bising je.Bagi laaa release CPF aku...Dah 20thn aku tak kerja kat Singaopore....Apasal Sabah Serawak boleh keluarkan tapi bukan S.Malaysia....Ini diskriminasi ni...heh...heh..heh

Anonymous said...

Mana pegi wira-wira Perkasa kita?Awat senyap jer.Klu pembangkang punya hal berkokok semuanya.Malunya pd bangsaku yang terkenal dgn kehandalannya.