Monday, May 28, 2012


Singapore Straits Times raises doubts about the integrity of Anwar’s defence lawyer.

 Ex-prosecutor Mr Yusof Zainal Abiden has shed light to Anwar into believing that he was innocent of his former   sodomy case.  

(There is no reporter's name.)


Anonymous said...

Tak de komen

Anonymous said...

"into believing"

Haha..but the facts showed the other way round.
Sodomy happened between anwar and saiful.
The only reason anwar was free to go because the key witness credibility is in question.

It's a 3 minute verdict after 3 years of trial and more than 60 times of on holds.

Morality is now shifted to mr saiful bukhari likewise 3 yrs back when the perception is another conspiracy by the govt as being announced over and over again by anwar and his camp themselves.

Empathy if not sympathy pouring in for mr saiful bukhari.

Like it or not, anwar has to accept the fact that people do believe the sodomy took place, be it with azizan, sukma darmawan or saiful bukhari.

Anwar's credibility as a muslim leader is tarnished and crippled beyond repair. He is now in the mercy of the DAPs who will take every opportunity to favor in their decison if only mr anwar able to fulfil his longing dream.. To be the PM of malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Agak2nya lah...
Kalu di Sepura-pura/S'pork menda nih leh jadik ke???

Mana lebih banyak kebebasan?
Mesia ke Sing-a-Pork?

hangkedee said...

Persoalan yang perlu di jawab pengikut tegar Al Jub.Kenapa singapork asyik menyebuk dengan masaalah Malaysia,kalau tiada udang di sebalik mee hailampork.

hangkedee said...

Persoalan yang perlu di jawab pengikut tegar Al Jub.Kenapa singapork asyik menyebuk dengan masaalah Malaysia,kalau tiada udang di sebalik mee hailampork.

usin said...

free malaysia for s'pork take malaysia for free

Anonymous said...

Begitukah etika penulisan negara jiran. Penyebok. Mungkin mereka juga suka kalau akhbar Malaysia menyebok tentang negara dia orang.

Tun Teja said...

D Yusof’s decision to defence Anwar against his case of Bershit 3.0 demands an exclusive explanation to the public who raised doubts about the prosecution in Saiful’s sodomy case. Most of the public do not anticipate the results of Saiful’s sodomy allegation could just be acquitted in three minutes announcement at the high court after 3 years of trial.
D Yusof said he has been a professional lawyer, but :
1. Why did he not come to realization upon the adverse effect of his decision ?
As a professional lawyer, he should carry his empathy towards Saiful and Saiful’s father with him, bear it with his full conviction and strong conscience rather than rushing at impulse towards Anwar’s defying the court order case in Bershit 3.0.
2. Where is his sense of integrity and conviction in carrying out his duty as a prosecutor to Saiful’s sodomy case?
Could this man be regarded as a superficial lawyer, the man who is not faithfully committed to his professionalism but in turn thinks only attaining cash much more than his dedication in his job?

I certainly agree with opinions from UMNO MP from Perak Tajuddin A Rahman and UMNO MP Johor Nur Jazlan Mohamad.

Yusof scores one demerit point here when his decision had resulted in Anwar’s delusion that he was innocent in his last sodomy case.

zat said...

Tun Teja

just swallow yr pride and accept the fact..i know its a bitter pill to swallow...

Anonymous said...


Homosexuality is like cancer and we don't really know what kind of feelings this two scumbags have for each other.
If Malaysia don't take a clear stand against homosexuality it will raise anger in the rest of the Muslim world.
The consequences we can only guess.

Anonymous said...

copy paste pendapat rakyat dlm malaysiakini.

renung2kan lah

Jawapan penuh tanggungjawab ala UMNO dari Menteri Belia & Sukan - "Kes kemalangan boleh berlaku di mana-mana. Kalau tak berlaku di sini, tiada jaminan ia tak berlaku di tempat lain".

inilah balasan Allah kpd org yg hadir ke majlis2 maksiat anjuran UMNO, jd lepas ni beringat2lah, UMNO penganjur maksiat kpd muda mudi, so drp pegi ke majlis begitu, baik ramai2 pegi majlis ilmu di masjid2 utk tambahkan ilmu agama, kerna UMNO sgt takut jika REMAJA DAN ORG MUDA berilmu agama yg tinggi, sukar utk UMNO LEMBUkan mereka.... tahniah kpd USTAZ AZHAR IDRUS yg berjaya menarik golongan muda utk minat kpd ilmu agama manakala UMNO berasa gelisah jika godaannya utk anjurkan maksiat x mendapat sambutan..... UMNO umpama tentera2 IBLIS yg tugasnya menggoda manusia ke arah kelalaian...

Anonymous said...




zat penyokong daging babi tegar...undi lah dap moga dapat redho Allah...

Tun Teja said...

D Yusof has committed dishonour and disgrace to his profession.
1. During his handling of Saiful’s allegation of sodomy case, he creates unresolved suspicions to almost to every member of the public who wants to know that justice should be done under legal proceedings in the eyes of the society.
2. The delay of the trial especially, which takes three years to decide the results could trigger any wise human to form a suspicious mindset that there is an ‘element of collaboration’ between the accused and the defence lawyer. The whole team in the defence group rejected the evidence of DNA with various unreasonable reasons and unthinkable theories to justify their dismissal.
3. In the long run, we practically are forced to accept disapproval by Anwar who deems himself as a self-ego politician free of crime and accusation. He gains chances of cultivating another crime when he thinks he can dominate and brainwash all the professionals in the high court or federal court of Malaysia.