Saturday, April 13, 2013


Singapore Straits Times is resentful upon reporting the positive side of Dr Tun Mahathir.

  1. It is definitely true that Dr Tun Mahathir upholds the strength of Umno. A statesman of unity and solidarity for BN must be treated with honour. Furthermore, Dr Mahathir assimilates with a natural instinct full of glory and devotion to defend Malaysiafrom the wrong hands of leadership governing the country. Contrary to Kasim Raslan, the CEO of KRA who spoke negatively about Dr Mahathir in Channel News Asia on 9th April, at 7.25 pmTun Dr Mahathir honourably expressed his viewpoints about Malaysian politics with full confidence and strong minds. 

  1. Tun Dr Mahathir exhibited his respectful disposition and support for BN with gusto in his speech; his leadership quality is at par with the tone of speech with the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Kudos to both of them, they deserve to be elevated in the coming general election with the greatest majority. Anwar Ibrahim is the target at shooting board game and he must be alienated for such a contradiction to morality that he and his party have been fighting for. Homosexuality and liberalism bring a country into chaos economically, educationally and socially.

  1. Tun Dr Mahathir initiated an eye-opener to new voters in urban areas and these people must not gamble their votes by choosing the futile and worthless political leaders of Opposition. The Opposition only knows condemning the best policy of BN out of malice and extreme envy.

  1. Singapore concept of journalism should perceptually accept the virtues of “kongsi” or the concept of sharing. Singapore Straits Times should elaborate these virtues that gives merits to BN. SST must be realistic; they cannot hide any useless values of Opposition, such as corruption, buying party jumpers, lies and unproved accusations.

  1. Well as for the non-Malays, they have to compromise with the majority as it is the majority who will decide the best government that prioritise the people, not for specific interest of a political leader who dreams wildly to capture Putrajaya.

  1. Tun Dr Mahathir is an honest, sincere and trustworthy. And his good virtues is always envied by losers and stooges politicians. Tun Dr Mahathir has been a lifelong asset to BN. Anyone who lives under Tun Dr Mahathir’s regime praises him for economic prosperity without the organisation of Bersih, ruining the domestic economy.




Si Penyebuk dari selatan ni, sekarang terang terangan campur tangan dalam politik Malaysia. walaupun secara tidak langsung tapi kesannya dalam hubungan kaum diMalaysia akan terjejas sedikit sebanyak. Apa2 yang berkaitan dengan Melayu akan di jadikan berita akhbar negara itu. tapi bab Vavi DAP tidak pulak di rencanakan.

otaistillkick said...

PRU 13 ini semuga dapat membuka minda rakyat.... beza antara kerajaan dan parti. Kerajaan di pilih 5 tahun sekali.

Pak Ali said...

Aku artikel dalam bahasa orang putih ni , aku kurang paham laa . Maklum laa masa kecik kecik dulu , aku sekolah pondok jee .

Tun Teja said...

1. Joseph Liow, you're an idot, a racist, who intended to rob the privileges of Malays in Malaysia. SIAL MAN YOU JOSEPH!! You have guts only to speak as invited analyst in Channel News Asia on 11th April 2013, because you can lie to Singaporean viewers to invite more Pakatan Ranap supporters.

2. He spoke to CNA that Opposition have been using many forms of media to reach Oposition supporters, and that is the only ‘weapon to defeat BN.” Timothy Goh the news presenter repeted the words ‘as a weapon’. Joseph Liow remarks is procovative to the country by BN’ leadership.

3. Joseph Liow, you’re a bast*** rusty full with pigshit in your head teaching in S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

4. How come Malaysian Embassy in Singapore can keep quiet all the time? Are they conspirators to Opposition ? Are they betrayals to BN?

Anonymous said...

What can you expect of Singapork Straits Times to write? What they wrote about Tun Dr Mahathir is just out of frustration for they cannot write similar things about their Mentor Minister Lee Kwanyu.

For fear of being bankrupted thru summons...this newspaper resort to undermining leaders of other countries but not their autocratic administrator.

Let it be lah......let them bark at the mirror for as long as they are satisfy doing it.

usin said...

lu apahal singapork? seropa babi jugak main sondol2 tak kira masa dan tempat. apapun, ada gua kesah?

Pekong Pondan said...

Tun Mahathir is the best Malaysia ever had. He have the talent to unite taditional Malay culture with the modern society without giving up our rights. Don't waste all Tun have built.

All Strait Times correspondents and writers are puppets under Singapore Press holdings who are controlled by who's government?
This smell PAP vs. DAP conspiracy. Why else do they praise a homosexual scumbag, Communists and PAS Beroh deviant pluralistic monkey party?

They all want to see Barian Nasional toppled by this homosexual scumbag led coalition, that only will throw Malaysia back to stone age.

RH said...

U singapore apa sibuk?

ABCD: Asal Bukan Cina DAP said...

Singapore politics is still in immature state, Lee Kuan Yew is still the emperor. The mold set by him has molded all Singaporean PM. So Please don't tell us Malaysians how to do politics. You guys can't even be fair to the Malays & Indians yet you want to talk about our politics? Singaporean are Kiasu and Kiasu arse are not welcome here!

Anonymous said...

So can we safely say they are dogs . . .

Anonymous said...

Not stone age bro but war zone. If Malaysia self destructs, then Singapore must go down too.

They should know that for meddling with our internal affairs.

Hidup Melayu Islam said...

I support you although am Malay Singaporean.