Monday, September 10, 2012


Journalist Teo Cheng Wee from Singapore Straits Times reported defending DAP Sec-Gen Lim Guan Eng over the repulsive rudeness of their supporters.

·        What about DAP leaders stepping on the pictures of the nation leaders in the past?

·        The reporter gave in to DAP leaders hiding their rude behaviour to the newspaper TST.

Look at the faces of two crooks. One is the DAP Taman Molek chairman Marcus Sew and another is the chicken crook Ong Sing Yee, who sowed hatred for the country leader.

Flashing buttocks , stepping on the pictures on their nation leader, his wife and EC chairman is too revolting, repulsive uncivilized behaviour.   

1.    Teo Cheng Wee didn’t even analyse the deepening extent of ugly, sickening, offensive behaviour of the chicken crook Ong S Y and another student who flashed his buttocks over the pictures of YAB PM D S Najib, wife D S Rosmah and Election Committee chairman A Aziz Yusof on the eve of Malaysia ’s Independence Day.

2.    Teo CW had empty thinking; he was lacking the quality of kindness, respect and sensitivity over the capacity to elaborate the wild, wicked behaviour of the offenders, he merely absorbed their filthy, detestable moral in his general reports.

Can any sensible Malaysian citizen accept if the verdict from the Attorney-General is “no charge” against these offenders? Is it enough only to give a simple reason for that?   

PM Mr Najib, accepts their apologies as what other humans do, however, we all must remember to commit such foolish offensive behaviour against our nation leader are obvious examples of inhuman like the lowest brain in the skulls of apes. Such fools become easy manipulation from brainless instigators. 


warisan tmk said...

DS Najib is a BIG-HEARTED man, and is willing to accept the apologies.

Anyway, as perceived by most of GENUINE CITIZENS of the country, the despicable acts were SEDITIOUS to overwhelming majority of Malaysians.

Despite the acceptance of the apologies, Malaysians at large would like to see certain PUNISHMENTS be served on them.

For the offenders who CAN NOT EVEN SPEAK A WORD OF BAHASA MALAYSIA, my suggestion is to make them attend COURSES ON BAHASA MALAYSIA, until they can communicate in at least simple Bahasa Malaysia, as EXPECTED of all Malaysian citizens.

Anonymous said...

Aku ingat kalau buat itu kat Singapura-pura gerenti konek kena KASI


Anonymous said...

Bila aku tengok di tv3 si betina ni pijak gambar PM darah aku naik panas, rasa hati ku macam nak tampar muka dia.

Anonymous said...

Bila aku tengok si betina ni ditv3 memijak gambar PM, hati aku naik panas, rasa aku nak sepak muka dia.

Anonymous said...

Teo C.W. actually dead scared to write about the PAP govt's fear of serious repercussion so inorder to fulfil his lust he turn at Malaysia. You are a bastard.

Any Chinese School in Singapore?
Any top ranking Malay or Indian in Singapore's armed forces?

Any top ranking Malay/Indian in Civil service?

In Malaysia we have the above.

Kiasu and dictator.