Sunday, October 7, 2012


Singapore Straits Times : Salim Osman‘s opinion of 'regime change' in Malaysia after the election.   

1.    At first he explained the ‘regime change’ according to former PM  Mahathir Mohamad’s version. These foreign powers aimed to:

·        overthrow the government by providing regular money to pro-opposition groups. The crooks responsible     for this are U.S and American tycoon Gorge Soros, for funding the favoured NGO.

·        form a puppet government led by PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim

·        hope the PKR leader could establish good ties with Israel and distance itself from the Palestinians’     agonizing strife.
Then Salim Osman dismissed Mr Mahathir’s views by measuring PM Najib’s present administration.

2.    By then PM Najib has already forged very close ties with Washington , by showing support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Malaysia has also backed American leadership in the region.

Salim found that there was a logic point of view in the second opinion. There was an unconfirmed report that unofficial meetings between Israelis and Malaysian officials did take place.   

Then comes his interpretation of ‘regime change’ :

-         a change of government through a system of voting through general election, instead of foreign intervention.

-         the threatening tactics of Pakatan Rakyat to rally for support for the next election with their optimistic hopes; they believed regime change could take place, with a view that:

1.    BN’s show of unpromising signs would tire the young voters who demand new teams in political involvement.

2.    PR managed to reassure voters that they would govern  Malaysia . The reasons are :

- The defections of several top civil servants joining opposition brought wealth of experience in the      system of government.

- PR has been able to face challenges in their ability to govern over four years.   

After weighing all other opinions by observers and opposition MP Liew Chin Tong, he reverted to reality that BN would be the last resort to govern Malaysia . But he still remains assured that foreign conspiracy would not bring about regime change. The reason lies on the Malaysian voters.   

I have several doubts to express here:

1.    How come you, Salim, as a journalist from Singapore Straits Times, unable to spread your critical thinking by refusing to understand the message by former PM Mahathir Mohamad? How come you so easily overlook the opinions from an older statesman, who acquired vast experience governing Malaysia for 22 years and had known the notoriety of George Soros, who had a history of involvement in economic turbulence in Malaysian in the past?  

2.    How come Salim received opinions only from opposition MPs?

3.    Yes, it is not difficult to sit on the senior writer’s desk, reading, listening and writing for information, gathering all information to impart to naïve voters only, but not for those who have been following the development of political strives of BN in the present time.

This article  touched the ‘regime change’ theoretically on the surface only. He  did not base on the extent of quality assessment on the strength of BN or the other side. If he does that, he will be dismayed to write the imminent victory of BN in the next election.  


Anonymous said...

Politik dap ala singapork

Cocky arrogant tokong CAT

Lu jawap lim guan eng!

Anonymous said...

Salim tu terlebih makan taik lee kuan yew....melayu singapork....kejap lagi kau pupus dari nusantara ni.

Anonymous said...

Khi khi khi,

Melayu yang selalu gerombolan kata tersepit dibawah pemerintahan singapura akhirnya bngun menghentam gerombolan..


Anonymous said...

Salim Osman, you forget that there was a regime change in Singapore when the ruling party lost 7 seats to the opposition during the last general elction.

Salim, please look after you own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Untung orang singapore lah ni..

Klau pi shopping kat johor bawa 1000 sin dollar, tukar je kat malaysia dah boleh ke 2300..
Patut lh ramai anak muda mudi malaysia bekerja kat sana..
Pkil 5 je penuh tambak johor dengan deruman motor2..
Bagus singapore ni bagi peluang orang malaysia cari rezeki di tmpt diorang..

Melayu Perak said...

Open tender for federal jobs shows transparency, says DPM

October 07, 2012

Muhyiddin asked IAACA member states to use Malaysia as an example. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 ― The move towards competitive open tenders for government projects and acquisitions was proof of the transparency and good governance practised by Putrajaya, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today.
The deputy prime minister said the nation’s achievement was recognised by AT Kearney, an international firm that ranked Malaysia in their top 10 nations with the best direct foreign investment index for 2012.

“This is a positive development which simultaneously gives a sign of growing confidence of foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

“It is proof that Malaysia is a sustainable and profitable destination for them to conduct business,” Muhyiddin said during the closing of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) seminar here today.

The deputy prime minister expressed pride at a report from Transparency International that said 49 per cent of Malaysians in 2011 felt the government’s campaign against corruption was working, up from 29 percent in 2009.

“The Malaysian government has launched campaigns to combat corruption; to ensure that this is effective, we must also fix the system and change our style of governing.

“One proof that the prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s efforts in stopping corruption is through the Budget 2013 announcing a RM276 million [allocation] for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” Muhyiddin said.

He also asked member nations of the IAACA to take Malaysia as an example and work together to successfully implement the 2012 Kuala Lumpur Declaration signed during the recently concluded sixth conference.

During his speech at the launch, Najib said Putrajaya acknowledged the need for co-operation with the international community in order to continue efforts to stop corruption in Malaysia.

Combating corruption is a stated priority of the prime minister, who included it in the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), activating the MACC and establishing an anti-corruption court.

Last year, Malaysia achieved 60th place in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), a drop of four spots compared to the year before.

It only scored 4.3 in the research into public sector corruption among 183 nations. Malaysia was also third among ASEAN nations, behind Singapore (9.3) and Brunei (6.3).

Anonymous said...

Klau bezakan dengan nilai rasuah, tak tahu berapa gamaknya.,

Pkfz pkfz

Anonymous said...

Melayu spesis Salim Osman pon BANYAK kat Malaysia ini....dan spesis beginila yg paling di sukai oleh DAPig dan PAPig...spesis BAGHAL, BEBAL dan BAHALOL ..urut dgn wang hengget saja terus trkulai terkesima...

Mcmana xkata BAGHAL sbb dah ada negara , dah ada kuasa mmerintah tapi di takdirkn BAGHAL ..lebih rela idop di bwh pemerintahan kaum dan bangsa len yg xseagama dgn dia....

Hanya BAGHAL yg akan menyokong BAGHAL..

Anonymous said...

Phuii... Ckp lebih aje, nak beli pad bini pun cari kat Giant JB. Xde JB pad lu org kens recycle gamaknye.

Anonymous said...

Spesis Melayu kenyang makan taik Lee Kwan Yew, kembong minum kencing Lee Kwan Yew. Bangsa sendiri kasi bunuh...supaya ikut jadi mcm dia.. Lakhanat!

Anonymous said...

Singapoer life line:
1. western network, now no more, they prefer Australia
2. China..but china don like spork too hot to stay
3. Invade Malaysia..

Ghazali said...

This is typical of Singaporeans...opps I mean their political leader....or also their supporter.

They will never think like us...Malaysian...because... once they were also in Malaysia... and like what their leaders once said... "they were kicked out of Malaysia..."

Tun Teja said...

It is sickening to read his remark on the last paragraph: “As these elections are expected to be the closest in decades, the results can go either way. But whatever the outcome, both sides should be graceful enough to accept the voters’ decision, rather than create a disturbance that would only destabilize the country.”

It shows his mentality:

1. He had no guts to award more good points to BN, by giving his impartial judgment though it is real judging by the merits of PM Najib’s outstanding performance.
2. He had no gut guts to enlist all the criminalities and weaknesses by opposition party.
3. He is ‘dead wrong’ to think the quality of government by opposition party is equal to BN.
4. He never, ever wants to defame opposition party like PKR leader who had committed serious sins against Al-Quran’s teaching.

His article is just the stereotype low quality as Carolyn Hong, Teo Cheng Wee, Yong Yen Nie and Lester Kong.

Anonymous said...

Kalau nak tahu bagaimana Salim Osman mesti menulis ke-arah pembangkang kerana beliau di bayar oleh Temasek Holdings. TH ini adalah hak kewangan kerajaan Singapura, selain dari dua cabang iaitu: GIC (Government Investment Corporation) dan MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).Temasek Holdings ni ada duduk dalam board of directory Singapore Press Holdings. Singapore Press Holdings adalah majikan Singapore Straits Times, jadi kena kowtow lah, kena tulis ke-arah pembangkang, kerana orang ’ca ya nun alip’ ni memang tidak suka Melayu memerintah Malaysia, tetapi kalau DAP, memang kena pada selera PAP.

Anonymous said...

Kesian kan apabila minda Melayu dijajah ?

anti bohmau said...

kata orang tua2, kalu bangsa dah jd BANGSAT dinegara sendiri, otakpun turut jd tumpul!!
@ dia ni dah terlajak bijak hingga taksanggup terima melayu malaysia tetap unggul memerintah?

anti bohmau said...

kata orang tua2, kalu bangsa dah jd BANGSAT dinegara sendiri, otakpun turut jd tumpul!!
@ dia ni dah terlajak bijak hingga taksanggup terima melayu malaysia tetap unggul memerintah?

Anonymous said...

oooi Salim Singapork lagi baik lu rebus aje buah pelir lu kasi makan anjenk.

Binatang lu....cibai punya olang.

Anonymous said...




Pekong Pondan said...

can Malaysia let a homosexual and adulterer go un-punished and also practise rebbellious activity?

Anonymous said...

hati hati dengan spesis yang sanggup jadi keldai

Anonymous said...

Ada banyak kes rasuah dan skandal orang cina Singapura yang boleh ditulis oleh Salim Osman, tetapi dia takut kena terajang dari meja pengarang Singapore Straits Times, jadi dia cari modal untuk memburukkan kerajaan Malaysia yang ada sekarang. Ake cadangkan Jabatan Imigresyen Johor atau mana-mana pusat masuk dari negara asing tahan penulis yang jahat ini.