Tuesday, May 6, 2014



korang dengarlah baik-baik titah paling maha extraordinary ni...
seorang penguasa yang TUNDUK PADA ALLAH SWT !


Anonymous said...

Pas bila lagi nak buat hudud kat Kelantan ? Sebelum buat tu jangan lupa mintak kebenaran dengan Big Boss DAP .

Anonymous said...

Gap lagu nasid satu gap

Anonymous said...

Op lupa gap, aku pelepang muka kao kalau kau bagi dikir barat atau boria ini dua neraka punya grop bikin pecah belah islam melayu.

Anonymous said...

T'kasih GAP & MNO atas video yg. sungguh menggembirakan ini! Semoga ALLAH SWT memberkati DYMM Sultan Brunei, kaum kerabatnya dan seluruh umat Islam Brunei, serta NEGARA ISLAM Brunei Darussalam, yg. begitu mulia dan berani, mempertahankan ALLAH SWT dan ISLAM/umatnya - walau berhadapan dgn. GERTAKAN/PENGHINAAN berterusan si KAPIRDAJAL yg. berlambak terutamanya puak SODOM, termasuk dr. PBB (UN)!

Lihat si KAPIRDAJAL-GILA-SODOM menghina ISLAM/umatnya dgn. menghina DYMM Sultan Brunei kerana melaksanakan Hukum Hudud itu! Patutnya sy. Barat-ZIONIS DAJAL mcm. ni serta subsidiari syarikat penerbangannya termasuk di Malaysia ni, ni diHALANG dr. masuk Malaysia, Brunei dan mana-mana Dunia Islam! Bayangkanlah kalau NEGARA-NEGARA ISLAM Brunei dan Malaysia sertai TPPA – ini belum lagi, tapi si Kapir Barat-ZIONIS dah makin KURANG AJAQ, asyik nak masuk campur hal-ehwal ISLAM/umatnya di Dunia Islam!

Lihat di - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Branson :

……In August 2007, Branson announced that he bought a 20 percent stake in Malaysia's AirAsia X.[25]...

Dan di - http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2014/05/03/richard-branson-announces-virgin-boycott-of-brunei-owned-hotel-over-stone-the-gays-law/ :

Richard Branson announces Virgin boycott of Brunei-owned hotels over ‘stone the gays’ law

Nick Duffy

3rd May 2014

....The law, which is being phased in as of last Thursday, replaces the maximum ten-year prison sentence for homosexuality with death by stoning in the Islamic state.

Celebrities including Stephen Fry, Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Osbourne have urged for companies to boycott the Dorchester Collection luxury hotel chain, owned by the Sultan of Brunei.
Branson has now added his voice to the calls, announcing a Virgin-wide boycott of the luxury hotel chain, which will take effect across his business empire.

He said: “No Virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights.”

Earlier this year, the Virgin boss lobbied with business leaders against Uganda and Nigeria over anti-gay laws, and he also backed the Out4Marriage campaign in 2012.

Yesterday, the president of the Human Rights Campaign wrote to every group that is due to hold an event at the Dorchester Collection’s LA hotels, Hotel Bel-Air and the Beverly Hills Hotel, encouraging them to take their business elsewhere.

Brunei is one of eight countries in the world that maintains the death penalty for homosexuality.

Makcik Sambal Belacan – PERTAHAN ISLAM/umatnya, Kesultanan Melayu, Bahasa Melayu, hak BUMIPUTERA Melayu dan BUMIPUTERA lain; dan hak orang miskin dari semua bangsa yang hormat Islam, dan bangsa dan hak Bumiputera (Bumiputera juga bermakna Pribumi/Orang Asal-Asli/Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal/First Nation).

Anonymous said...

Oi anon 12.20 & 12.27am, lu punya ekoq ni ANJING PENGGANAS DAPBANGKAIBABIkah? Tak habis-habis nak MENGGERTAK GAP!

Jijik mulut lu yg. memang mcm. BANGKAI penuh ulat - lu banyak lahap itu BABI punya KANGKANGkah?! Atau lu mabuk minum itu KENCING BABI aahhh?!

PI MAMPOS lu kat

Anonymous said...

sekarang baru kelantan berangan nak buat hudud sebab dh malu...dh berpuluh thn memerentah..tapi kena minta bantuan umno yg dikafirkan dulu juga...baru pas sedar siapa dap& pkr....

mae said...

Ucapan ringkas dan padat serta fokus . Tidak membosankan dan tidak membuang masa. Pemimpin muslim malaysia harus mencontohi teknik ini.

Anonymous said...

Menjunjung Kasih ke Bawah Dulu Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Hassanol Bolkiah di atas pengistiharan undang undang Islam di Brunei..

Semoga Rahmat dan Redha Allah terus melimpahi dan berkekalan ke atas Baginda di dunia dan di akhirat !!

Anti Aljuburi

Anonymous said...

The Sultan and I Broke His Sharia Law

On Tuesday, I was greeted by a familiar face when I read through the morning’s news: the sultan of Brunei. He looks older now than when I knew him, of course, his face doughier and more careworn.

When I was still a teenager, I was the mistress of the sultan’s brother, the prince of Brunei. My usual stance is that they weren’t bad guys, really. Just human and impossibly rich. I have often wondered what I would have done in their place, given all the power and money in the world. I’ve never come up with a satisfactory answer.

Now the sultan is making headlines for implementing Sharia law in Brunei, including a new penal code that includes stoning to death for adultery, cutting off limbs for theft, and flogging for violations such as abortion, alcohol consumption, and homosexuality. There’s also capital punishment for rape and sodomy.

I am no expert in international human rights. My only qualification in commenting on this issue is that one drunken evening in the early ’90s, the sultan and I committed at least two of the aforementioned offenses as we looked down on the lights of Kuala Lumpur from a penthouse suite.

Let me back up a bit.

I had barely turned 18 when I found myself at a “casting call” at the Ritz-Carlton in New York for what I was told would be a position at a nightclub in Singapore. When I got the job, I learned that the job wasn’t in Singapore at all. Instead, it was an invitation to be the personal guest of the notorious playboy Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the youngest brother of the sultan of Brunei. At the time, the sultan was the wealthiest man in the world. I was a wild child consumed with wanderlust. I was hardly an innocent, but I was—when I accepted the invitation—very, very young.

Anonymous said...

When I arrived in Brunei, I found out that the prince threw lavish parties every night, in a palace with Picassos in the bathrooms and carpets woven through with real gold. At these parties there was drinking (which was not legal in public), dancing, some fairly hilarious karaoke, and, most important, women—about 30 or 40 beauties from all over the world, comprising a harem of sorts.

The prince was rakish and clever and yes, even charming at times. I spent the next year and some change as his girlfriend. For a time, it was an adventure both glamorous and exciting. It was also lonely and demoralizing, and full of constant low-grade humiliations, including being given to the prince’s brother as a gift (see: the Kuala Lumpur hotel suite). Although I was by no means a prisoner, I wasn’t free to come and go as I pleased. By the end of my time there, I felt 10 years older and still not wise enough. It took me a long time to regain my footing, though I did find my way eventually. My struggles were internal and they were my own. In this context, they were a privilege.

Stoning is practiced or authorized by law in 15 countries now. It is disproportionally applied as a punishment for women, often as a penalty for adultery. Human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, consider it cruel and unusual punishment and torture. According to the international rights organization Women Living Under Muslim Law, stoning “is one of the most brutal forms of violence perpetrated against women in order to control and punish their sexuality and basic freedoms.”

And yet it is the privilege of the prince and the sultan to misbehave. The picaresque escapades and legendary extravagances of the brothers are indulged with a collective wink. For everyone else residing within Brunei’s borders, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, freedoms are curtailed, and those limitations now are potentially enforced by brutal violence.

Cast stones at me if you will for my past improprieties—plenty have. Of course, those stones will be metaphorical. As the citizen of a free society, it is my right to transgress, as long as I don’t break any laws or impinge on the freedom of others. It’s my prerogative to sleep with all the princes I damn well feel like. I live with my choices.

As the citizens of Brunei face the erosion of their rights, I imagine the man I once knew, holed up in a posh hotel suite somewhere, maybe with another American teenager in his lap, making laws that legislate morality

Anonymous said...

x payah nak puji sgt boleh x. hudud brunei x terpakai kepada dia dan kerabat...

Anonymous said...

OI anon-anon 4.08 & 7.06pm, lu punya ekoq-ekoq ni PENYAMAQ KAPIRDAJAL PENGGANAS SODOM Red BeanBANGKAIBABI, nak menggertak/menghina ISLAM/umatnya termasuk DYMM Sultan Brunei aaahh?!

Nampaknya makin ramai si ekoq-ekoq PENGGANASBANGKAIBABI Red Bean yg. ditaja puak SYAITAN Barat-Zionis dan DAPBANGKAIBABI, termasuk MENYAMAQ guna nama Melayu/Islam & bahasa Islam (sebut Kalimah ALLAH SWT cthnya), sedg. MENGAMOK mcm. ANJING KURAP GILA!

Lepas tu puak SYAITAN ni siap nak MENGKAPIRkan umat Islam pula!


Anonymous said...

hilang respect rupa2nya sultan dikecualikan hudud. masih lagi lemah!!!! mcm mana tu