Thursday, August 2, 2012


Teo Cheng Wee can add more sources for Singapore Straits Times and watches Anwar gathering strength in Sabah .

1.    BN’s Upko deputy president Wilfred Bumburing has lost his credibility and honour by pledging to support opposition crooks.

2.    Lajim Ukin from  Umno Supreme Council member has lost his total sanity by joining alliance with catastrophic political party Pakatan Rakyat. He shows his wishful ecstasy on Anwar’s fighting against Umno. These two mentally and psychologically sick political villains deserved to be treated like old invalid dogs waiting to be shot in order to put them to sleep. The old and hoodwink PKR leader managed to fool the two Sabahans gullible politicians into joining opposition. There must be some personal reasons that interest the two politicians to freak out.

3.    Another two villains are two Sabahan political analysts Arnold Puyok and Oh Ei Sun. They are partly responsible for spreading their hatred against BN, particularly Umno by engaging pressman from Singapore Straits Times.

4.    Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin are not the exemplary of prestigious dedicated national politicians. They have no honour, they have lost their integrity, instead they prioritise their own selves, their own benefits and both of them boost their own positions above their own nations and people. Their commitments in politics is only superficial, not pure struggles and just as weak as Anwar’s.   

5.    In another aspect, they are also called ‘treasons’ of BN, including Anwar.  
This news will bring rise of favourites for Teo Cheng Wee, together with the two cheap political analysts who yearn to see Umno party divides and crunches to pieces.


Anonymous said...

aku tgk dulu masa malaysia belum serah tanah KTMB di tg pagar takde pulak spore hentam najib mcm ni.....lepas serah jer.....


Anonymous said...

Pengkomen Bomo Siam dan zat serta kawan-kawan pro Bomo Siam boleh jalan, pergi masuk longkang selepas makan duit upah pembangkang. Akal kamu semua macam akal budak tidak ada pergi sekolah.

Anonymous said...

Barangkali kesilapan tebesar Sabah ialah kerana.....

Tidak ikut Spore sama2 kuaq dari Msia dulu....!

Butui tak Jin?


Anonymous said...


Merokok merbahayakan kesihatan ... kurangkan merokok .


Anonymous said...

Pencinta2 UMNU...sila tutup telinga:

Atau barangkali, Sabahan masih terikat dgn Pasal 153 Perlembagan Persekutuan.....

Org cina Spore tak perlukan Pasal seperti ini utk lebih maju berkoyan-koyan....!

Klu tak caye, ce tanya Spore NST...!!!

Kuah kuaah kuaaah!!!

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as Anu-aladin and his magic lamp in modern era.

if this aladin claims they do have the genies's power, just watch at them and smile.

a special jin from tampoi will pay genies a visit and to send them to the most suitable kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Vision 20/20 No Short Sighted

cross over is a well calculated action based on specific decision and with purpose.

it is a wise decision if it is based on vision 20/20 but its is a poor decision if it is based on tunnel vision


PUKR Pondan said...

@Bomo Siam should go and sit in a corner and play with his coco bird instead of getting involved in discussions above his IQ-level. He can watch a photo of anwar when he masturbate.

Anonymous said...

defection taken in order to uphold "people first" slogan is a positive defection.

if defection is motivated by 916 is a doomed type of worth a cent.

Tun Teja said...

1. Before joining Umno in 1994, Lajim was a member of United Sabah Party (PBS). A defecto is always a defecto. When he was raised to Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah. He should not be promoted too fast, as his attitude towards political motives is to obtain wealth for himself.
PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar said Lajim's decision to resign was a "sacrifice that is much appreciated by Malaysians, especially Sabahans".
"We wish him the very best in choosing the path towards reform. For far too long, Sabahans have been ignored by the BN government.”
What is so special about Lajim Ukin when she said Lajim’s decision to resign was a ‘sacrifice’? After all his age is 57 years old, his due to retire as compared to the present global-knowledge fast and accurate brainy seeking politicians who can unite neighbours of Asean economy market.
2. This PKR v-p woman thinks very shalow. She is an example of politicians in doldrums. What kinds of reform does she talk about? What comes out from her mouth is only the word ‘reform’. All the time, in her speech rally, on the media, Channel NewsAsia all about ‘reform’. Cannot she conceive other ideas than PM Najib? She believes she’s so highly intelligent daughter of PKR as her father and other pro-PKR has said. But judging by her remarks in this jump ship matters, she cannot analyse facts and factors at higher level.
3. Under what grounds does she say that Sabahans have been ignored by the BN government? Lies and more lies, continuously. Disastrous opposition party like Penipu Rakyat can only be skilful in creating lies and slander. They refuse to analyse the toils and struggles by their opponent parties that have been exhibiting numerous ideas by the elites of Umno.
All the lies that they (PKR) created and broadcast over the media are merely to cause distractions to loyal citizens of Malaysian BN particularly Umno, and those who are gullible and block-heads like Sheikh Kadir, Wilfred Bumburing with Lajim Ukin can easily be led into PKR mouse-trap, like her father who easily went into the mouse-trap described by the old man Singapore former Mentor Lee Kuan Yew about her father’s sodomy case to Saiful in Wilkileaks.

Anonymous said...

Stupid sob, if singapork is better than hell pap kept bankrupting those against the pap?.

No way anuwar can survive this long if he is in singapork and fighting against pap, just imagine that. Soon its gonna happen in penang rule dap. Anyone against the Lim empire will be bankrupted too and this could include anuwar too if he so decide to go against the dap penang in the future.

Anonymous said...

Anawar bayar sakankat NST singapura untuk balun kerajaan kot? Fuhh negara yang prihatin menghentam kerajaan malaysia ialah akhbar singapura.. DAP dan PAP tu sama saja...sooo cemburu menggila kerana kemajuan daato najib mengemudikan negara keraha kejayaan. Jealous la tu...kasiha PKR. Politik Kencing Rakyat..kah..kah..kah..

Anonymous said...

Program transformasi Najib amat membimbangkan S'pore.Segala sumber ekonomi memberi kelebihan besar kepada Malaysia dalam persaingan dengan S'pore,Malaysia hanya ketinggalan dari segi kecekapan pengurusan.Ini yg perlu di perbaiki.S'pore melihat Najib benar-benar committed dalam program transformasi ini,ianya cukup membinbangkan.Bayangkan jika tenaga kerja Malaysia dan hasil alam semula jadi tidak lagi ke S'pore utk di proses kemudiannya di eksport oleh S'pore.Sementara itu Najib terus berusaha keras dan berjaya menjadikan negara ini sebagai pusat kewangan terutamanya kewangan Islam dan dan hub barangan halal,mampus lah S'pore.

Itu sebabnya mereka terlalu tertekan dan ingin sekali Malysia jatuh ketangan Pakatan yg di ketuai oleh DAP dan berPM kan al Jubori yg merupakan orang suruhan mereka dan pengkhianat bangsa.

Walau pun saya baru saja mengalih sokongan kepada BN,tapi sokongan saya sekarang tidak berbelah bagi lagi,hanya BN yg mampu melonjak negara,bangsa dan ugama kita.

Sayangnya kesungguhan Najib tidak begitu di ikuti oleh pemimpin Umno yg lain,terutama di peringkat Bhg. mereka masih berselimut.Mujurlah ada beberapa pemain import yg betungkus lumus dan para bloger yg tak jemu-jemu menulis.

zat said...

Tun Teja

The 'sacrifice' means to forgo present position & wealth to join a new political landscape...a new way of governance that is people oriented...when I say people I mean all kind of people...not only of a certain race...

now why is it when a PR politician defects you sing a different tune?

zat said...

do you want a government that go after the whistleblowers while the real criminals go scot on earth can anyone support this kind of govt...oh yeah...its all in the name of bangsa & ugama, right?

Anonymous said...

hopefully there is tsunami and submerge singapura down under sea bed.

Tobpinai said...

in fact, the shit is still the same; bothsided or upside-down. Lajim and Musa are both from Beaufort and thier 'perangai' and 'nafsu' significantly can be observed to be same. 2X5 and 100% useless!!!

UMNU is responsible to bring all these greedy creatures!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore terpaksa kerja keras dgn subversif ini krn hayat tanah singapore sudah tidak boleh jauh lagi.

Mahu tak mahu mereka terpaksa turn over, dan mengasak rakyat Malaysia supaya memilih 'adik besar' mereka DAP supaya aliran kuasa itu dpt menjamin masa depan Cina untuk menguasai Malaysia dan seterusnya Singapore akan dapat kuasa itu

Agak pelik apabila tk henti3 News Strait Times Sg menyerang politik Malaysia berlebihan2.

Moga dgn izin dan kuasa Allah pengkhianat2 dlm dan luar negara ini dihapuskan Allah Ta'ala di kacau bilaukan mereka

Selamatkan Malaysia dr dijajah oleh Cina. AMINN!

Anonymous said...

manusia jenis bomo sial adalah pencetus perpecahan antara org islam melayu...aku yakin dan pasti si bomo sial nih bkn islam dan seorang kafir lahanat yg berlatarblakangkan freemason...bomo sial nih jgk agen yahudi yg menerobos semua blog2 pro malaysia utk menyebarkan agenda2 freemason iaitu perihal agama islam bomo sial freemason blik la ke tmpt asal kamu...aku tau siapa kamu...